Suspension Straps and Travel

Picture of the Oregon coastLast spring, Jackie and I rented a place on the Oregon coast.

We wanted to stay active while we were there and do more than walk the beach so we brought along our suspension straps.

One of the advantages of suspension straps is that they are both highly versatile – you can get a full body workout using them – and also quite portable.

Most straps come with an anchor that you can throw over the top of a door, then close the door to lock it in place.

As it turned out, we didn’t need to. There were beams across the living room in the rental home. We hung the straps from them.

During our stay we noticed that with the straps just hanging there, we tended to grab them and do a few movements several times throughout the day.

I mean, you’re walking by the straps so why not grab them and do few I-Y-T moves or curtsy lunges or deep knee bends? It was easy.

Suspension straps in living roomWe liked it so much that when we got home I bolted an anchor to our living room ceiling so we could hang the straps there.

Since then, I find myself using them for a few minutes several times every day. It’s been a nice addition to my routines.

As you know, exercise is important. But not just exercise in defined workouts. It’s important to move frequently. Having the straps handy makes it easy to do that.

Some days I do a full 20 to 40 minute workout on the straps. The biggest change, though, has been getting in the habit of using them briefly several times a day every day. It’s a nice way to stay active and move in several different ways.

There are a couple other things I like about straps.

For one thing, you can do a lot of different exercises with only one piece of equipment – the straps. And that piece of equipment isn’t all that expensive.

Yes, the TRX brand will set you back $175 or more. However, if you search YouTube you’ll find a lot of instructional videos on how to make your own set using nylon hold-down straps and PVC tubing.

I thought about going that route but then I found straps on Amazon for less than $50.

Another thing I like is that using suspension straps is very scalable and very safe.

By scalable, I mean that it’s very easy to adjust the difficulty of the workouts to match your fitness and strength levels.

It’s safe because it’s low impact and encourages training muscle groups to work in a coordinated fashion.

So if you haven’t done it already, give suspension training a try. It makes it easy to keep moving and is a a nice addition to any fitness routine. See if it works for you.
When I do a full suspension strap workout, here’s the follow-along program I use. It provides good instruction on form as well as lots of full workout videos at all levels of intensity: beginner, intermediate and advanced.

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