It’s no secret that has become hyper partisan. It appears that the public at large has lost faith in the institutions of government.

Unfortunately, politicians’ actions justify that loss of faith.

How many former governors are in prison now? Here in New York state we’ve had a disgraced governor as well as a steady stream of government officials convicted of corruption.

I won’t agitate by going into details about recent controversies at the national level. We are all to painfully aware of just what they are.

Given all this, it’s good to remind ourselves that many, and I like to think the majority of, politicians truly work as public servants. They want to do the right thing, govern wisely and help society.

I suggest to you that one such politician is Vice President Joe Biden.

Mr. Biden attended Syracuse University. The town I live in is about 30 miles away. A lot of people in this area knew him when he was a student and after he gradualted. Everyone I’ve talked to that had any interaction with him has only good things to say. By all accounts, he’s a genuinely good guy.

His Note to Myself video below outlines the trajectory of his life. Regardless of your politics, you can’t help but admire his persistence in the face of adversity, his resilience after tragedy,  and the power of his spiritual faith and love of family.

I consider myself an independent and don’t agree with a lot of Mr. Biden’s positions. Even so, I still consider him an honorable man and a worthy politician. He’s restored at least a little of my respect for the system.

Watch the video and judge for yourself.


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In the interest of full disclosure, part of the reason I relate to Vice President may be because I’m also named Joe and I had a speech impediment when I was younger.

How I got over that speech impediment is a story for another day, a story of human kindness and how small acts can profoundly affect a person’s life.

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